Cheers: General Merriment

Burnside Inn, a new Mass Ave hipster bar, is a watering hole with a sense of humor.

Burnside Inn

A Civil War–era Hoosier general seems like a peculiar association for a new hipster bar on Mass Ave. But the hirsute Ambrose Burnside—immortalized through the term “sideburns”—inspired the quirky Burnside Inn, a three-level drinking hole. Its sense of humor is reflected in an eclectic mix of old and new, from baroque velvet wallpaper to a mustachioed Mona Lisa. Wednesday through Saturday, the upstairs hosts acts like poetry readings and vintage rock shows while patrons sip twists on the gingery Moscow Mule, such as one with housemade lavender syrup and local Starlight vodka. Burnside’s other signature item: old-school ice-cream sandwiches. Pretty cool.

314 Massachusetts Ave., 317-991-4150