Creamy Pasta With Crispy Chicken Skins: What’s In That?

Pasta with tomatoes, corn, herbs, and cheese
Creamy Pasta with Crispy Chicken Skins, what’s in that?

Tony Valainis

Bluebeard chef Abbi Merriss balances the richness of roasted chicken and cream sauce with the bright flavors of an Indiana summer farmers market. August is peak time for Indiana corn and tomatoes. Fresh zucchini, basil, and arugula are flavorful supporting players. Cavatelli pasta from local producer Bettini has tiny
crevices for the sauce, with enough structure to support chunks of chicken and vegetables. It’s pasta, so there’s parm. Lots of good parm. Chicken thighs are brined and then roasted at high heat with the skins on. The result is juicy chunks of meat with crispy skins scattered throughout the dish. Merriss makes fresh
ricotta from local milk. Sunflower seeds and toasted breadcrumbs add a welcome, unexpected crunch. Merriss loves a good gremolata and uses the Italian chopped-herb condiment frequently on the Bluebeard menu. This one has parsley, lemon zest, and lots of fresh garlic.