Pop Star

”How about this: The wine cooler grows up.”

Erin Edds called up her husband, Stephen, with an idea. “How about this: The wine cooler grows up.” That was the spark the beverage-making duo needed to ignite the yearlong development of Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas, carbonated tipples made with pure cane sugar and natural ingredients. The Eddses are rolling out two flavors to start: Violet (a lemon soda with lavender and blackberry that has a crisp, tangy taste from the citrus) and Ruby (a red, spicy ginger soda with hibiscus, pomegranate, and a bold flavor that warms your mouth as you drink it). The boozy sippers distributed by Monarch Beverage contain less sugar than other hard sodas on the market, a distinction that echoes Erin’s bottled low-sodium Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary maker that took off in 2010. Still, the sodas pack an 8 percent alcohol content, adding a little kick to the beverages that may be sipped straight from the can, used as a cocktail mixer, or poured into a glass of vino to make a pinkies-in sparkling wine.