Hola, Festiva

What to order at the new modern cantina from the team behind Tinker Street.
Venturing further into the shrinking food desert of East 16th Street, pioneering restaurateurs Peter George and Tom Main of Tinker Street unveiled vibrant Latin spot Festiva (1217 E. 16th St., 317-635-4444) in late 2016, featuring their signature heated patio and cozy dining room, as well as a pass-through bar offering Jason Foust’s fresh-pressed margaritas and mezcal cocktails. Spot-on chicken pozole with a rich guajillo broth, tender spit-roasted pork al pastor, and delectable pork ribs with a piquant arbol chile sauce and cooling chipotle crema demonstrate the kitchen’s range, from authenticity to innovation. Hearty side dishes such as creamy potatoes with roasted peppers and zucchini flecked with corn kernels are ample and easy to share, as are tamales and salads, making Festiva a great value not just for a celebration dinner but a weeknight neighborhood supper. Psst: It’s pronounced fesTEEva.