First Friday Food Truck Festival is Back

Some of our favorite picks from the trucks.
For the sixth year, Indy’s First Friday Food Truck Festival is back at the Old National Centre. On the first Friday of each month from June to October, a selection of the best food trucks set up shop in their parking lot. Admission is $5, and the festivities kick off at 5 p.m.

Official line-ups for each Friday can be found close to the date on First Friday Food Truck Festival’s Facebook page. It can be daunting to decide which eats to try with so many options—but these are bound to be some of the most popular picks from the first event this year.


Loaded Lender Pierogi – Pierogi Love Indy

Voted the #1 food truck in the city by Indy A-List, Pierogi Love Indy takes savory dough dumplings and stuffs them with the best locally-sourced ingredients. Try the Loaded Lender, a pierogi filled with fried potatoes, cheddar cheese, crispy smoked bacon, sour cream and chives. If nothing on the menu catches your eye, the truck takes suggestions for new menu items – and they’ll even name the special recipe after you for the next month.


Holy Guacamole Nachos – Nacho Mama’s Food Truck

Nacho Mama Christen Moore started her vegetarian-inspired food truck in 2012 after getting a degree in nutrition and cooking in countless restaurants throughout the country. Now she’s serving up nachos, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and rice bowls throughout the city. Check out the Holy Guacamole Nachos that are just as blessedly delicious as they sound. Toppings include creamy queso, Spanish rice and beans, salsa, chipotle sour cream, and, of course, plenty of the best guac around.

Pabellón Arepa & Chicha – El Venezolano

Indy’s first Venezuelan food truck serves up authentic cuisine curbside. Try the popular Pabellón Arepa, homemade corn cakes with fried plantains, black beans, ground beef and cheese. Then cool off with Chicha, a traditional Venezuelan beverage made with rice, milk, sugar ,and cinnamon. Empanadas and tequeños, Venezuelan fried cheese sticks, are also available for purchase.


Japanese Sweet Potato Chips & Bacon Brussel Sprouts – Caveman Truck

Caveman Truck offers a sort of revolutionized side to the food-truck business by offering both pick-up and delivery options. You can even text your order from the gluten-free, rotating menu. The most highly customer-recommended items include the crispy Japanese sweet potato chips and bacon Brussel sprouts. Ingredients and menu items vary slightly depending on what’s fresh seasonally, but the menu offers something for just about everyone.

Japanese sweet potato chips fried in coconut oil. 10th/Illinois until 1:30

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Strawberry Mint Popsicle – Nicey Treat

Cool off with Nicey Treat’s flavorful popsicles made from quality, local ingredients. Popular flavors include strawberry mint, pink lemonade and not-so-hot chocolate. Flavors you may not find in stores, but are still just as refreshing, include pineapple basil and avocado popsicles. Taste-test one (or several) of these frozen treats found at locations around town.

Fluffernutter Cupcake & Red Velvet Elvis Jumbo Cupcake – The Flying Cupcake

Indy’s well-known bakery The Flying Cupcake has two food trucks named Petunia and Penelope that can be seen around town selling the sweetest treats. Try the Fluffernutter, a marshmallow cream–filled white cake with peanut butter icing. Another fan favorite, the jumbo Red Velvet Elvis, is a red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chunks. Vegan and gluten-free cupcakes are also available.


Island Trio – Da Blue Lagoon

Da Blue Lagoon, a Jamaican and Caribbean food truck, launched in 2013 after many years as a successful restaurant in Broad Ripple. The fresh, tasty menu items include the popular Jamaican jerk and oxtail stew. Try the Island Trio, a sampler platter that includes jerk chicken, coconut-curry chicken, and fricassee chicken with rice, beans and your choice of steamed veggies, fried plantains, or festivals.


Ham Solo – Der Pretzel Wagen

Soft pretzel lovers flock to Der Pretzel Wagen for their Bavarian soft pretzels and pretzel sandwiches. Customers rave about the pretzel sandwich fillings, which include Funyuns and Doritos. Try the popular Ham Solo—Black Forest ham, nacho cheese Doritos, tangy BBQ, and cheddar cheese on a warm pretzel bun. The crunchy combination keeps customers coming back for more.

Lunch today at ITT 13085 Hamilton Crossing Boulevard. Yes, those nacho cheese Doritos do come on the Ham Solo.

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Korea Burger & Bacon Cheddar Risotto Balls – Far-Out Fred’s

This food truck features burgers like you’ve never tasted before. Besides the Original, a pizza-style burger topped with Colby cheese and pepperoni, each burger is named after a country. You might guess what’s on the American, but others are inspired by popular ethnic cuisine. Try the Korea, a beef-and-pork burger topped with Korean BBQ, cheese, homemade spicy drizzle and chopped kimchi. Don’t forget a side of bacon cheddar risotto balls with Sriracha-mayo dipping sauce.

Frozen Hot Chocolate – S’more Mobile

This truck makes its way around the Midwest selling s’more treats with a twist. Favorites include refreshing frozen hot chocolate and gooey s’mores on a stick (it helps you avoid the mess!). S’more Mobile also sells marshmallow whip you can take home, used for hot chocolate or as a dip for your favorite cookies, fruits, and graham crackers.

Which is better: #frozenhotchocolate or #smoreonastick? #smores #gourmet #foodtrucks #smoremobile

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Hoosier Mama Taco Spud & Mac Daddy Spud – Circle City Spuds & Grub

These heavenly spuds are piled high with sauces and toppings, and keep customers coming back for more. Try the Hoosier Mama Taco Spud, a potato overflowing with spicy cheese sauce, ground beef, black beans, lettuce, cheddar cheese, onions, fresh salsa, and Fritos. Looking for something a little more traditional? The Mac Daddy Spud is topped with spicy cheese sauce and a generous serving of homemade macaroni and cheese.