Holiday Survival Tips

We love the holidays, but let’s face it—those annoying, meddling mamas (honey, where are your cheekbones?) and out-of-control little ones hopped up on sugar (vroom) make them a challenge. A few tips on how to cope:

Spike the ‘Nog. No, seriously. And throw a floater in Aunt Betty’s eggnog right when she gets to the questions about your (potentially non-existent) love life. Twelve variations from Serious Eats.

Say you have to do a little work and pack your iPad. Download Saveur‘s newly released app featuring recipes for Italian classics like lasagna, creamy risotto, and panna cotta. Before the battery dies, check out clips from that bizarre Old Milwaukee commercial filmed in Terre Haute with Will Ferrell.

Pick up a made-from-scratch pie. Who’ll know you didn’t roll out that dough? Apple, buttermilk, banana praline, oh my! Here is a list of some gems. Be sure to call ahead! It’s as easy as, well, pie.

Enlighten ’em. Start by sharing up-to-the hour scoops about the Super Bowl. Our pop-up blog, Super City, will get you started.