Local Mustards Packing A Punch

local mustards

Red Jalapeño Mustard

Sheridan’s LocalFolks Foods makes this deliciously pungent local mustard speckled with seeds and spices. The flavor opens with a huff of apple cider vinegar, followed by a powerful but quick explosion of jalapeño heat. localfolksfoods.com


In addition to rubs and sauces, local mustard from pitmaster John Barker comes this potent, full-seed version as part of his Skull and Mortar line of flavor bombs. Fittingly, it takes its name from one of H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional beasts. skullandmortar.com

Plum Mustard

Wildwood Market packages an extra-grainy spread that has a hint of fruitiness. Unusually delicate and well balanced, it belongs on a charcuterie board between the salami and soft cheese. 1015 Virginia Ave., 317-737-2653, wildwoodmarket.com

Pickled Mustard Seed

Just three ingredients (mustard seeds, sugar, and vinegar) make up this popping pickled garnish sold in the refrigerated case at Turchetti’s Salumeria. 1106 Prospect St., 317-426-3048, turchettis.com

Peppered Gold

Sweet and sticky molasses, tamarind, and smoky chipotle create an interesting depth in this mild, pepper-flecked backyard sauce from Muncie-based John Tom’s Barbecue. johntomsbbq.com

Dill Mustard

Tiny threads of dill run through Dillman Farm’s silky Dijon. Like an herbaceous Grey Poupon with a kick of vinegar up front, this Bloomington-made spread would make an excellent deviled egg ingredient. dillmanfarm.com