March Madness? Try Munch Madness!

Just as important as your bracket choices? The spread you put out for the big game. Here are some tasty picks to ensure your party snacks will hail from Indiana—even if the teams in the tournament don’t.
1. The Smoking Goose Kitchen Sink Sausages
These rich, meaty links pay homage to the Hoosier State’s other great treasure (pork!), combining bacon with pork shoulder, heart, and liver, kicked up with a touch of mustard and spice. Available at Goose the Market, 2503 N. Delaware St., 317-924-4944,
2. Fermenti Artisan Curtido
Top your sausages with this fusion kraut, a traditional condiment for El Salvadoran pupusas that marries classic fermented cabbage with cilantro and chiles. Just don’t tell the guys it’s actually good for them. Fermenti Artisan at City Market, 22 E. Market St., 317-493-1652
3. Sunset Acres Horseradish Cheddar
The creamy raw-milk cheddar from this Amish cheesemaker in Rockville packs just enough bite to make for addictive snacking. Try to not eat it all before halftime. Available at INgredients, 5628 E. 71st St., 317-570-3663,; and Pogue’s Run Grocer, 2828 E. 10th St., 317-426-4963,

4. Daredevil Brewing Co. Lift Off IPA  
A can of this smooth-drinking, citrusy brew from Shelbyville offers hints of grapefruit and pine—a classic IPA that’s as American as basketball itself.
5. Just Pop In Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Popcorn  
The combination of tangy tomato, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish recalls the now–nationally known Bloody Mary mix that inspired one of Just Pop In’s most original popcorn creations. Get it in a tin dedicated to your favorite Hoosier team.
6. Crazy Charlie’s Gourmet Chili Sauce  
Whip up a quick chili with your favorite ground meat and this chunky tomato-and-onion–based sauce created by former Allison Transmission electrician Charlie Ferguson. Available in mild or zesty. Multiple vendors,
7. Upland Brewing Co. Champagne Velvet  
This reissued lager, brewed by the Terre Haute Brewing Co. from the turn of the last century to the 1950s, is a quintessential Hoosier thirst-quencher, and it sports a spiffy vintage label.
8. LocalFolks Foods Country Fresh Hot Garden Salsa  
The slow heat of this farmstead-inspired salsa from Sheridan lets the bright flavors of bell pepper and cider vinegar shine through so you won’t overheat when the game goes into overtime. Multiple vendors,
9. Hunky Jack’s Hot Pepper Mix  
Westside pickle-maker Jack Rogers supplied jars of these spicy peppers and veggies, originally concocted from a Slovenian immigrant recipe, to Haughville neighborhood bars. Now they’re produced by his son, Dave. Available at Goose the Market, 2503 N. Delaware St., 317-924-4944,
10. Broad Ripple Potato Chip Co. Potato Chips  
Mark McSweeney’s handcrafted, moderately thick chips have the crunch of the best without all the salt to hide the earthy flavor of the potatoes. Great for dipping or just on their own. Available at Pogue’s Run Grocer, 2828 E. 10th St., 317-426-4963,
11. Sun King Ring of Dingle Irish Dry Stout   
Indulge in two great March traditions at once as you kill a can of this dark-yet-crisp Irish stout with malty, roasted undertones. 135 N. College Ave., 317-602-3702,


Photo by Stacy Newgent
This article appeared in the March 2014 issue.