Broken Beaker Distillery Launches a New Gin

A new concoction with a nod to Prohibition and the Pythagorean theorem.
Out of the lab and into a glass, Mass Ave’s Broken Beaker Distillery has launched a new Hypotenuse gin. Owners Heather Finfrock and Thomas Wysocki got dapper for their launch party with a ’20s-style theme and cocktails to match. The new infused pomegranate-and-berry gin is a throwback to the Prohibition days, when drinkers had to get creative with their drinks. “They had to hide the fact that they were drinking,” Wysocki explained at yesterday’s media launch party. Finfrock was a little less idealistic, adding, “… and the bad taste.”

However, with a great mix between juniper and berries, these infused gins are fine with just ice or in Finfrock’s favorite drink, a pomegranate Tom Collins. These new gins are available by the bottle or sip at Broken Beaker’s tasting room.

Gin not your poison? No worries. Broken Beaker plans to release a white whiskey within the next month and a coffee-and-chocolate liqueur by the holidays.