Provider’s Biscuit Sandwich

A metal sheet pan lined in parchment holds a biscuit sandwich
Provider’s biscuit sandwich

Tony Valainis

Perpetually packed for its photogenic lattes and slow-sipping long drinks, Monon Trail coffee bar Provider also dolls up a fast-food breakfast favorite. The square-cut, crispy-edged biscuit is made on site. A schmear of sweet jalapeño jam from Bloomington’s Dillman Farms balances the salty flavors with heat and sweetness. Becker Farms breakfast sausage from Mooreland, Indiana, lends plenty of familiar sage. Melted American cheese brings a bit of nostalgia to every bite while helping to hold the egg in place. A firm-yolked poached egg oozes just enough so you won’t muss your work clothes. A fried sage leaf crowns the biscuit with a pop of green—and a reminder of the flavors inside.