Swoon: Studio C

A generous portion of white fish over a light brown transluscent broth of dashi and kimchi
Spanish sea bass over kimchi at Studio C

Tony Valainis

Indy just can’t quit Greg Hardesty. Two years after we mourned the closure of Recess, the five-time James Beard nominee’s midtown restaurant, Hardesty put the finishing touches on his Studio C (1051 E. 54th St., 317-796-9831) culinary space near 54th Street and the Monon Trail. Equal parts coffee shop, grab-and-go counter, dinner club, and cooking school, the concept debuted in February with a weekend of pop-up dinners. During the day, locals swing by to snag a cup of drip coffee. At night, small groups attend dinners booked in advance, either collaborating with the chef on the menu or leaving the details to him and just showing up to dishes like this Spanish sea bass over kimchi and dashi broth.