Video Recipe: Bourbon Popsicles

Michael Gray of Plat 99 shares a simple idea for a frozen grown-up treat—made with Indiana bourbon.


Bring the 7½ ounces of water to a boil. Pour the sugar into the boiling water, stirring constantly. When the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. Set aside the simple syrup until it has completely cooled and thickened. (While waiting, cut a slit in the top edge of each paper cup for easy peeling later.) Then, in a large bowl, combine the muddled cherries, bourbon, amaretto, simple syrup, lemon juice, and club soda. Stir very well to allow ingredients to infuse. Pour mixture into the paper cups and then freeze until semi-slushy (about 1–2 hours). When the liquid is frozen enough for the wooden sticks to stand straight up, remove the cups from the freezer and place one stick in each cup. Place cups back in the freezer for about 5–6 hours or until mixture completely solidifies. Peel off the paper cups and serve immediately. Makes approximately 20 ice pops.



•  40 Luxardo maraschino cherries, muddled
•  10 oz. lemon juice, freshly squeezed
•  7½ oz. water
•  7½ oz. sugar
•  5 oz. Spring Mill bourbon (Colglazier & Hobson Distilling Company, Indianapolis)
•  5 oz. Lazzaroni amaretto liqueur
•  20 oz. Q-brand club soda
•  20 three-ounce paper cups
•  20 Popsicle sticks or food-safe craft sticks


For backyard parties, place several pops in a bowl filled with ice to slow the melting process.


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the June 2013 issue.