Swoon List 11.26.13

5 Things We Adore Right Now
  1. Deviled eggs piled with fat salmon roe at Eat + Drink (5168 N. College Ave., 317-925-2233).
  2. The strudel-stuffed, icing topped Alligator at Kim’s Kakery Bakery & Cafe (5452 Madison Ave., 317-784-5253), a tooth-achingly sweet pastry that will transport you to the Roselyn Bakery counter circa 1985.
  3. The classic creme brulee at Tavern on South (423 W. South St., 317-602-3115.)
  4. The flaky, tangy sweet guava and cream cheese pastelitos made fresh every morning at Taste of Havana (815 Broad Ripple Ave., 317-559-4369).
  5. The fried green beans at Slippery Noodle Inn (372 S. Meridian St., 317-631-6974).