Swoon List: The Garden Table, Fat Dan's Deli, and More.

Five things we’re craving right now.

The slow-smoked wings at Fat Dan’s Deli (5410 N. College Ave., 317-600-3333; 410 E. Michigan St., 317-600-3008). The peppery dry rub seals in the meat’s tenderness, and the side of hot barbecue sauce delivers a punch of heat.
The juice flight at The Garden Table (342 Massachusetts Ave.; 908 E. Westfield Blvd., 317-737-2531). Pictured: Lush Love, Amped Almond,  Tropic Tonic, and Cashew Concoction.

Juice flight at The Garden Table

No ordinary order of nachos—oozing with hot liquid cheese and jalapeños—at last week’s IUPUI men’s basketball game inside the Indiana Farmers Coliseum (1202 E. 38th St.). Yes, seriously.
Nachos at the Fairgrounds

Fat little duck empanadas, crisp meat pies served with a cooling cucumber relish to cut the richness, at The Livery (720 N. College Ave., 317-383-0330).
Empanadas at The Livery

A taste of spring in a cult-favorite dessert at Ruth’s Chris (2727 E. 86th St., 317-844-1155; 45 S. Illinois St., 317-633-1313): seasonal berries with slivers of mint leaf in a sweet cream sauce.
Berries with sweet cream at Ruth’s Chris