Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. The Paleo Taco (tucked inside a jicama “tortilla”) and bacon–sweet-potato hash with all-organic ingredients from the Caveman Truck parked downtown last week.
  2. The sweet-corn ice cream that chef Micah Frank has been making at Black Market (922 Massachusetts Ave., 317-822-6757) and serving on top of a brownie with a slight kick of hot chili.
  3. Gigi’s Cupcakes in their handy little individual trays, available now by food truck. As if we needed an easier way to eat a cupcake.
  4. Chocolate mint pie at English Ivy’s (944 N. Alabama St., 317-822-5070). An Oreo crust cradles layers of chocolate and mint ice cream.
  5. As fun to order as they are to eat: Tater Balls, served six to an order at Robie’s Fine Dining in Attica (109 W. Main St., 765-764-4351). Like starchy, cheesy hushpuppies packed with hunks of bacon and chives, they are dredged in flour for crunch and come with Ranch dressing for dipping. Of course.