Swoon List 5.6.14

Five Things We Adore Right Now
  1. The rhubarbeque flatbread at Shoefly Public House (122 E. 22nd St., 317-283-5007)—a pretzel crust smothered in creamy smoked Gouda and cheddar, and peppered with red onion. Add Smoking Goose bacon for an extra dose of smoky flavor.
  2. A refreshing combination of fruit and herb, the Strawberry Mint popsicle at Nicey Treat (916 Westfield Blvd., 317-602-6423) is the ideal snack after a run on the Monon.
  3. Eat + Drink‘s (5168 N. College Ave., 317-925-2233) supremely crispy sweet-potato frites, paired with a side of sweet-and-spicy chili aioli for dipping.
  4. A cauldron of tender, pan-seared salmon accompanied by roasted potatoes, sliced chorizo, and kale at Palomino Restaurant & Bar (49 E. Maryland St., 317-974-0400).  
  5. Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza‘s (5646 E. Washington St., 317-356-6612) chicken pesto pie—chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, green onion, and black olives—doused with homemade pesto sauce and topped with a velvety three-cheese blend.