Swoon List 9.4.13

5 Things We Adore Right Now


  1. A feta-topped lamb burger from The Pantry by Brad Gates (222 E. Market St., 317-445-0105) in City Market.
  2. The moist double chocolate muffin from Henry’s on East (627 N. East St., 317-951-0335).
  3. Old Point Tavern’s (401 Massachusetts Ave., 317-634-8943) pulled pork sandwich.
  4. Sweet Grass Restaurant’s (405 W. Patterson Dr., Bloomington, 812- 333-1043) rich, decadent rendition of baked macaroni and cheese—Pimento Mac, served in a piping-hot ramekin bubbling with bacon and scallions.
  5. The Campfire S’mores milk shake currently bringing all the boys to the yard at Steak ’n Shake. The shake comes loaded with marshmallow cream, fudge, and crumbled graham crackers.