Swoon List: The Cake Bake Shop, Giordano’s, and More

Five things we adore right now.
Cotton Candy Cake

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.

Cotton Candy layer cake, a Madagascar vanilla–based confection iced with blue-raspberry buttercream and a strawberry cotton-candy buttercream and garnished with a pink gumball, at Cake Bake Shop (6515 Carrollton Ave., 317-257-2253).


A sugar-rimmed frozen strawberry margarita at Mr. Tequila’s Cantina & Grill (931 S. East St., 317-991-3058), thick with fruit pulp and cool enough to take the edge off the summer heat.

Mr Tequila's Strawberry Margarita
Mr Tequila’s strawberry margarita


Giordano‘s (3 N. Illinois St., 317-288-34154110 E. 82nd St., 317-348-4085) chicken Parmesan sandwich. The crisp breaded chicken breast slathered in pizza sauce and melded in place with cheese appears on the Chicago-style pizzeria’s quick-lunch menu.

Giordano's chicken Parmesan sandwich
Giordano’s chicken Parmesan sandwich


Palomino‘s (49 W. Maryland St., 317-974-0400) happy hour serving of bruschetta, a chunky, salty tumble of tomatoes and garlic piled onto well-oiled hunks of toasted bread.

The bruschetta at Palomino
The bruschetta at Palomino


The healthy, heat-beating Tropical Bowl—strawberries, bananas, coconut, granola, and honey over an icy acai blend in a frosted metal dish—at Vitality Bowls (5650 W. 86th St., 317-661-3005; 110 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-581-9496).

Tropical Bowl at Vitality Bowls
Tropical Bowl at Vitality Bowls