Swoon List: Revery, Vida, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

Start the day on the right track at Pearings (6 W. Washington St., 317-608-6456) with the nitro matcha green tea blasted into a glass of crushed ice, which manages to taste both funky and refreshing.
After a six-month wait, Twenty Tap (5406-08 N College Ave., 317-602-8840) has reopened following a fire. There is no better way to be welcomed back than by enjoying a serving of the beer-battered cheese curds with choice of two house sauces (pictured here are French onion and Sriracha).

Twenty Tap’s much-talked-about cheese curds

The buttery, fall-off-the bone Kotopoulo Skaras, slow-cooked then chargrilled chicken with a delectably crisp skin, at the recently installed MADD Greeks Mediterranean Grille (910 W. 10th St., 317-602-8336) near the IUPUI campus.
The Kotopoulo Skaras, or chargrilled chicken, from MADD Greeks Mediterranean Grille

Switching to another type of poultry, enjoy jumbo fried duck leg served with creamy grits and a salad of shaved fennel and pickled peaches capturing the flavors of a country summer at Revery (299 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-215-4164).
Revery’s jumbo fried duck leg

The pastry chef at Vida (601 E New York St., 317-420-2323) has created a masterpiece with her ricotta doughnuts served with bourbon-maple glaze, candied bacon, maple cream, and brown-butter ice cream.
The ricotta doughnuts from Vida