Swoon List: Union 50, The Oceanaire, and More

Five Things We Adore Right Now

The Swoon List compiles our latest food-and-drink favorites. They’re not ranked, just delicious.

Union 50’s (620 N. East St., 317-610-0234) savory-sweet toast and jam bistro plate, featuring four oil-crisped slices of shrimp toast topped with candy-like tuna-tartare jam.

alaskan sable fish at oceanaire
Alaskan sable fish at The Oceanaire

The Oceanaire’s (30 S. Meridian St., 317-955-2277) roasted Alaskan sable fish, rich and silky with wilted mushrooms and watercress.

Shrimp red-curry ramen at Rook
Coconut red-curry ramen at Rook

The coconut red-curry ramen, crowned with shrimp, at Rook (501 Virginia Ave., 317-737-2293). Pop the soft-cooked egg in the rich, spicy broth to pull together the flavors of crustacean and pickled greens.

Key lime pie at The Alexander
Key lime pie at The Alexander

The coconut-topped Key lime pie off the catering menu at The Alexander (333 S. Delaware St., 317-624-8200), paired with potato chips. Don’t judge.

The Deep Steep at The Libertine
The Deep Steep at The Libertine

The Deep Steep, a complex sipper at The Libertine (608 Massachusetts Ave., 317-631-3333) infused with gin, black tea, bitters, Cocchi Americano, and herbal, sweet yellow chartreuse.