Taste Test

Any eatery that calls itself “A Taste of (insert city, region, state, nation and/or ethnicity here)” sets a dangerously high bar for itself. But that hasn’t stopped a handful of Indy-area eateries from doing it.

A Taste of Philly. No, they don’t do Philly steak and cheese sandwiches here. Instead they offer fresh-made, soft-baked pretzels, plus pretzel buns, chocolate-covered pretzels, pretzel-wrapped hotdogs, etc. If you try the pretzel dog, get it with dippin’ cheese. 670 E. 42nd St.,317-927-0109 (also in City Market)

Taste of Europe. This specialty food shop justifies its continent-spanning name by offering imported, already-prepared goodies such as cheeses, deli meats, coffees, etc. They hope to open a kitchen soon, but right now all they can serve you is freshly prepared deli-style sandwiches. Which is quite a bit less than what’s available in actual Europe. 4320 W. 96th St.,317-334-8797

Taste of China. Could be more accurately called “A Taste of the Typical American Diner’s Idea of China.” Expect all the usual Sino/U.S. fusion favorites, from crab rangoon to shrimp with lobster sauce. 8321 Michigan Rd.,317-872-3688

Do they represent?