The Best Local Honeys That Have A Little Bit Of Sting

Scorpion Pepper Very Hot Honey 

Hot, hot, hot. We’re serious, and you should pay attention. Beekeeper Jeff Cripe of Eagle Creek Apiary infuses his honey for three to six weeks with scorpion peppers, one of the hottest varieties in the world. The result is delicious, but drizzle it gently the first time you use it to gauge your tolerance level. 

Cold Smoked Honeycomb

Smoking Goose infuses flavor into honeycomb harvested by beekeeper Ross Harding of Hardwood Honey. The hint of smokiness, combined with the texture of the honeycomb right out of the hive, is the mic drop of charcuterie board showmanship. 411 Dorman St., 317-638-6328,

Honey With Heat 

Garfield Honey Company beekeeper Brian Mahern uses habanero peppers in this fine introduction to the hot honey experience for folks who want some heat but aren’t ready to set their tongues on fire.

Sweet Stinger 

Sweet Stinger is the second product from Metal Honey Foods’s Sarah Murrell, who hit the ground running with her own scorpion version, then turned down the heat a bit with this umami-rich follow-up. It starts with a scorpion honey base, but then it adds layers of flavor with fermented garlic, black vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and shoyu, a Japanese-style soy sauce.