THE SWOON LIST: Five Things We Adore Right Now

  1. The spicy chicken chipotle taco at The Tamale Place (5242 Rockville Rd., 248-9771).
  2. Chocolate cheesecake at Long’s Bakery (1453 N. Tremont St., 632-3741; 2301 E. Southport Rd., 783-1442): Eclair-dough crust with a custardy filling, topped with the same chocolate frosting that encases the bakery’s chocolate doughnuts.  
  3. The pink Birthday Cake Pop at Starbucks. You know you’ve had your eye on those.
  4. Smoky, chunky pulled pork at Squealers Award Winning Barbeque (390 E. High St., Mooresville, 834-8888; 5515 W. 86th St., 871-7427).
  5. Morels. Get them (or, shall we say, get on the waiting list for them) at Copeland’s Family Farm Market (7312 Copeland Rd., 862-1393), priced at $40 per pound.