Unspoken Rules of Adult Swim

How to play nice at The Children’s Museum’s no-kids party February 21.
Disney rules apply: Start on the top floor to avoid jams.

Seating is limited to toilets, in-demand benches, and the back of a carousel animal, so skip the heels.

Speaking of the carousel, hit it up before imbibing.

Small groups are best at Adult Swim. Keeping the gang together can be tough amid all the distractions, like open galleries and roving performers.

Food samples are served but are not plentiful. Grab dinner at Shoefly Public House before.

Skip the line for the red carpet. The primo photo ops are in the exhibits.

Booze lines are long, and mixed drinks take time. Be a hero and order beer.

Best selfie: in the funhouse mirrors.

No one leaves early.

Give yourself an hour for the dance floor downstairs.

Except when it comes to being safe—plan ahead for a ride home.