What’s In That? Rugrats Waffle

Every other Sunday, Bea’s Soda Bar parks at Bloomington’s Hopscotch Coffee to whip up themed waffles, like this cartoon-inspired creation. Let’s hope it gets a rerun.

Editor’s Note: Bea’s Soda Bar announced a semi-retirement following their recent marriage. They promised not to be gone forever. Follow their Facebook for upcoming appearances at special events.

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  • Co-owner Jackie Bea Howard makes the waffle dough Liege-style, with yeast and pearl sugar, and a hefty dose of buttermilk. The result: a thick and chewy waffle with crispy, caramelized edges. Gluten-free options are also available.
  • B. Happy’s So Happy Together snicker-doodle peanut butter, injected with vanilla, cinnamon, and heavy whipping cream.

  • As a kid, Howard ate grilled peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches that her mom topped with bananas. “That’s Saturday morning for me,” she says.

  • Heartland Family Farm in Spencer supplies strawberries for the syrup, which also flavors Bea’s Strawberry-Creme Soda.

  • Dark-chocolate sauce drizzled over snicker-doodle popcorn from Inga’s in Zionsville.