What’s in That Zern’s Hoagie from Hoagies & Hops?

At Hoagies & Hops, Southeast Pennsylvania native Kristina Mazza serves up a taste of Amish-country delis in this mouthful of a Philly-style hoagie with some old-school fillings.
The bread for Mazza’s sandwiches is sourced from South Jersey, boasting a slightly crisp crust and a soft crumb.
Mild Muenster provides an authentic old-world flavor.
Brown and yellow mustard seeds are soaked in chocolatey Pogue’s Run Porter from Flat12 Bierwerks (which houses the Hoagies & Hops sandwich counter) and then mixed with cinnamon and allspice.
Ring Bologna, a coarse-ground, lightly smoked combo of pork and beef, is brought in from Philly-based Dietz & Watson.
Hard-boiled eggs are dyed a rosy hue in brine from beets that Mazza pickles herself.
A crunchy toss of iceberg and some creamy mayo complete the Pennsylvania package.
Hoagies & Hops, 414 N. Dorman St., 317-296-8430