Dressing For Success

Stick a fork in this classic French salad from Gather 22.

A perfectly poised filet of flaky, buttery salmon sits atop a mountain of crisp winter greens and chopped romaine, accompanied by a colorful array of sauteed green beans, crunchy cornichons, rich olives, tart plum tomatoes, seasoned potatoes, hardy artichoke hearts, and “special” sliced soft-boiled eggs. With a drizzle of their version of classic thyme and lemon vinaigrette, the shareable Niçoise Salad at fresh-faced, post-Bohemian coffee shop and neighborhood eatery Gather 22 is a positively piquant way to start your 2024 without breaking any possible resolutions. It’s a perfect pairing with one of their divine desserts—we promise we won’t tell. 22 E. 22nd St., 317-258-2222