No. 12 – Slippery Noodle Inn

Best Tourist Trap

A lot of locals regard the Noodle in the same way that New Yorkers see the Statue of Liberty: a nice landmark that mostly tourists go to. Can you blame them? It does have painted Disneyland statues of Jake and Elwood Blues out front and a merch station selling T-shirts and shot glasses. On the other hand, how can you fault owner Hal Yeagy for taking what was essentially a sad little shotgun saloon in the Wholesale District—before the Wholesale District was cool—and turning it into a blues mecca (live music seven nights a week), sprawling grownup amusement park, and Indiana’s most famous nightspot? There’s a reason crowds descend on the Noodle year after year: It’s doing something right. If you want to avoid the conventioneers, just stick to the historic, hard-partying front bar, where regulars and downtown service-industry types throw back shots and talk up the local sports teams.

372 S. Meridian St., 317-631-6974


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the January 2013 issue.