Mori Sushi Is Good To Go

The offerings at the brand-new Mori Sushi.

Photo by Tony Valainis

Denson Yang and Nini Ye hadn’t planned on operating an Asian takeout. But when the Rhode Island natives realized the March grand opening of Mori Sushi (231 S. College Ave., 317-964-0139),  the lively sush-and-ramen spot they had installed in the cherished former home of Italian standard Milano Inn, would also go down in local history as the day restaurants were closed to dine-in service because of coronavirus concerns, they quickly found themselves shifting gears. They didn’t miss a beat. The couple, with years of experience in banking and restaurant work (including Fishers favorite Wild Ginger), switched their entire menu—which stretches to 20 pages of sushi rolls, soups, fried rice, stir-fried noodles, and salads—to carryout, and banked their early following on bags customers snagged from the foyer. Having inherited a spacious patio as part of the redevelopment of the Milano Inn site, Yang and Ye converted to table service in just a few weeks, allowing more leisurely meals to unfold.