The Feed: Cleo’s Bodega, I Heart Pasta, and More

Alan and Audra Sternberg are putting I Heart Pasta on temporary hold

Photo courtesy Audra Sternberg

Cleo’s Bodega and Cafe (2432 Doctor Martin Luther King Jr St., 317-932-3100) is launching a mobile grocery store this fall to get fresh, nutritious food into the hands of families living in food deserts. They’re looking for community input on where to send the truck, hoping to establish a regular schedule so neighbors know when the mobile grocery will be near them.

Alan and Audra Sternberg have temporarily put their I Heart Pasta project on hold as they deal with what they describe as a “whole new kind” of customer service world. They started the project as a means of both generating income and having fun, but say that the fresh pasta delivery game has also created a new and bigger headache than table service at any of their restaurants ever did. (Let this serve as a reminder that it has never been more important to be a flexible, cooperative, and kind customer to our restaurant community.)

Dick’s Bodacious Bar-B-Q downtown has folded after COVID deprived much of downtown of their lunch traffic. The chain restaurant on the corner of Market and Pennsylvania streets used to be a bustling midday stop for office workers in surrounding high rises, but the work-from-home world has wreaked havoc on its customer base.

Rose & Lois (7249 E. 146th St., Carmel, 317-597-5118) is kicking off pumpkin season in a major way with its Pumpkin Pie Latte, a rich and warming blend of espresso and baking spices. This is in addition to the coffee bar’s new chocolate banana bread latte. R&L recently rolled out mobile ordering, and all you need to do to download the app is text “coffee” to 474747.

Fletcher Place is getting an exciting new neighbor with the addition of Isaro’s Farmer’s Market (642 Virginia Ave.), a much-needed walkable spot for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a juice bar with plenty of grab-and-go options.

Anderson is getting a new market and cafe called Collective Roots Market (1102 Central Ave., Anderson), which is hoping to become a center of resource sharing and a place for neighbors to gather. The market will be accepting EBT and SNAP dollars, as they want to become a fully accessible source for fresh food as well as a community watering hole.

The silent auction benefiting chef Greg Hardesty ends Friday, and though we told you about it last week, the auction has only grown to include more and more culinary all-stars and prizes.