Scarlet Lane Brewing Gets Even Spookier

A hearse sits outside the Children's Museum at a Scarlet Lane Brewing event.
Scarlet Lane Brewing parked their hearse outside the Children's Museum for the Broomstick Ball.

Photo courtesy Scarlet Lane Brewing

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company has committed to being the “official beer of horror,” and its four locations are, appropriately, spending the month of October showing why they can claim the title.

The brewery kicked off the month with a new black Kölsch with pink guava and passionfruit called A Debra Ale Production. The woman-owned and operated brewery named the new ale in celebration of Debra Hill, a co-writer and producer of fright classic Halloween who helped shape the landscape of horror and paved the way for many women since.

It’s not shocking that Scarlet Lane takes such an interest in Halloween and horror. You could say it’s in their bones. Vice president of brewery operations and Scarlet Lane “Horror Liaison” Joshua Hull is a filmmaker and writer whose book, Underexposed: The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made, was released over the summer. Nathan Erdel, the brewery’s head of online engagement, who also runs the bar at the SoBro location, is a horror filmmaker and writer as well. Erdel posts reviews and blogs on the brewery’s site and runs a Wednesday-night “Spookeasy” event in SoBro, a tradition that will continue through October with a movie night, Halloween Horror Trivia, a night of TV Halloween specials, and a “Final Wednesday” featuring a film and a visit from Indianapolis horror-film legend Sammy Terry. Costumes are encouraged all month long, of course, with “special treats” for those donning them.