Swoon: Bird Is The Word

How could you possibly want anything else after seeing The Whole Damn Thing from Duke’s Indy?
Photography by Jes Nijjer

The aroma alone greets you before the plate—and a mighty plate it is—even makes it to the table. Memories unlock as the still-crackling, extra crunchy, golden, glorious tower of drumsticks, thighs, and wings slips into your view. The Whole Damn Thing from Duke’s Indy is surrounded by sidekicks like creamy, gooey mac and cheese or roasted, savory Brussels sprouts. This beauty of a bird, bedazzled with buttered biscuits and icebox pickles, pairs perfectly with a Bourbon Punch or a Pickle Ricky. This big ol’ plate of fried chicken will make your boots scoot, your mama proud, and your taste buds say, “Hello, darlin’.” 2352 S. West St., 317-643-6403