The Feed: Stay-At-Home Dining, Kimbal Musk, And More

Pier 48 is among the Indy restaurants currently offering take-out cocktails.

Tony Valainis

As part of the Stay-At-Home executive order, Governor Holcomb has relaxed the laws on carryout cocktails, meaning if your favorite bar is still open for takeout, you can get some beer, wine, or liquor in its original container to take home with your food. Let us raise a glass to Spoke & Steele (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616), Just Pop In (6406 Cornell Ave., 317-257-9338), and Pier 48 Fish House & Oyster Bar (130 S. Pennsylvania St., 317-560-4848), who are among the restaurants keeping our bar carts and plastic tumblers filled.

On that note, some bars and restaurants who were previously open for delivery and takeout have closed altogether. It’s incredibly difficult for a restaurant to retool into a delivery service, and many have decided to close to keep their overall costs low and keep both staff and patrons safe and healthy. Twenty Tap, The Sinking Ship, and Strange Bird are just a handful of restaurants putting the full kabbash on operations for now.

Other restaurants, such as Rooster’s Kitchen (888 Massachusetts Ave., 317-426-2020) and Half Liter/Liter House (5301 Winthrop Ave., 463-212-8180) have retooled into a kind of drive-up bodega. You can get both prepared food and staples like eggs and meat, plus a sixer of beer. As mentioned above, it’s legal for the time being for restaurants to add some to-go alcohol to your order.

Old Major Market has been slinging take-and-bake foods for a long time, and now it has teamed up with Blue Mind Roasting, Circle Kombucha and bread baker Sam Blythe to bring you even more local food options placed on your doorstep at

Restaurateur Kimbal Musk is temporarily closing his Mass Ave. restaurant, Hedge Row, and permanently closing Midtown’s Next Door restaurant. The COVID-19 crisis was only one of many factors leading to the restaurants’ closures, as the Indianapolis Business Journal explains. 

Food service pros are taking their shows online. Pastry chef Zoe Taylor (@zoetaylor) showed how to make an easy loaf of sourdough on Instagram, the main ingredient of which is time. CRG pastry guru chef Hattie McDaniel (@hattiemcdaniel) has a whole slate of live baking and pastry demos planned for her Instagram this week. Follow and tune in to up your baking game.