The Feed: Stevi Stoesz Leaves City Market, Bru Burger Bar Expands, And More

City Market executive director Stevi Stoesz steps down from her position of nine years

Indianapolis City Market executive director Stevi Stoesz has announced plans to resign. Stoesz has held the position since 2011 and planted the seeds for one of the city’s most successful renewals of original architecture. The market building itself was built in 1886, and has seen multiple iterations in its lifetime. But it was the hard work and vision of Stoesz that truly helped turn it from a low-occupancy effort to the bustling center of dining and shopping we know now. She launched the Original Farmer’s Market in 1997, along with multiple other successful efforts to expand food access and security for children and the elderly. One of her greatest triumphs is the Buy Two Give One program, a market gleaning program that routes fresh produce to homeless shelters.

It’s also Farmers Market Week, and Broad Ripple Farmers Market is celebrating with a huge online giveaway. Head over to their Instagram (@brfarmersmarket) and leave a comment to enter a drawing for free products from Caprini creamery and Lick ice cream, as well as insulated market bags and other goodies.

South Bend is getting a small Cunningham Restaurant Group shakeup. The Livery concept has struggled to catch on in the college town, so they’re converting the latin American restaurant into their standout success, Bru Burger Bar. The original started right here on Mass Ave (and is still in operation) and has spread to every corner of the state as well as Ohio and Kentucky. Notre Dame fans craving a taste of Indy’s favorite burger chain can indulge before or after a tailgate.

Union Jack Pub is expanding into the Westfield area, and management is in the process of updating the former Grand Junction space into the pub vibe Naptowners know and love. Opening dates have not yet been set, but construction is nearing the end, with signage going up on the facade of the building last week. Look for this new northern home of crunchy and light fish and chips to open in fall of 2020.

Hotel Tango (702 Virginia Ave., 317-653-1806) is giving the people what they want, and the people want pizza with their cocktails. Oh, the places a distillery tasting room can go with the addition of a pizza oven, and patrons can now choose among a plain ol’ cheese with homemade sauce on a cracker crust, a buffalo chicken pie, or your old friend, pepperoni. These tavern-style pizzas are available both in Indy and the new Fort Wayne location.

If you’re still in mourning over the loss of The Lemon Bar in Zionsville, dry those tears. COVID rained on the Lemon Bar parade in a big way, forcing the tiny former garage shop to suspend all operations temporarily. But last week, owners posted an announcement that there are developments bubbling. You can still get Lemon Bar desserts by way of their parent shop, The Flying Cupcake, and their online Etsy shop.

As mentioned last week, Indy Dough is kicking off a residency of sorts at Studio C (1051 E. 54th St., 317-672-7219) this week with buttermilk biscuits and a TBD flavor of jam. Look for the deliciousness on Wednesdays and Thursdays along with their regular coffee and pastry.