The Sal & Pimenta Grill Team

sliced steak, fries, asparagus at Sal & Pimenta from Rogerio and Ruby Tregnago
Sal & Pimenta will serve skewered meats and fries.

Rogerio and Ruby Tregnago, owners of the food truck­–turned–Garage Food Hall vendor Gaucho’s Fire, have cast two of their most popular items in a spin-off. This summer, the couple plans to open Sal & Pimenta, also inside the Garage, devoted to kebabs and fries.

“We will  have a grill just focused on skewers, and people will be able to order their meat just the way that they want it—medium, medium-rare, or well-done if that’s what they prefer,” says Ruby. She is originally from Colombia, and her husband from Brazil, which influenced the meat-centric menu at Sal & Pimenta (which translates “salt & pepper”). Their version of South American grilled-meat pinchos will range from bacon-wrapped chicken to shrimp to that Brazilian steakhouse favorite—succulent, tender picanha, the flavor-dense top sirloin cap.

grilled chops and peppers

“It’s all about the quality of the meat. We don’t try to save money when we’re working with meat because we know that people want to feel the flavors,” says Ruby, who adds that even the fries will be vehicles for savory proteins like chicken Alfredo and pork loin.

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