What’s In That? Salmon-And-Apple Uramaki

A long sushi roll made with salmon and wrapped with white rice and green fish roe line a long plate.
Ukiyo sushi chef Allison Gibbs combines sweet, spicy, and salty in this unconventional roll.

Photo by Tony Valainis

Uramaki is a style of sushi that literally means “inside out.” With the rice on the outside, the roll must be prepared gently. Ora King Salmon, farm-raised in New
Zealand, fills the core. Fiji apples from Tuttle Orchards are batonnet-cut into tiny sticks. Flying fish roe (tobiko) coated with wasabi adds a pop of flavor. Pickled ginger cleanses the palate. The roll is plated with classic green wasabi as well as fresh horseradish for a one-two sinus punch.