My Look: Laura Walters

The Indy stylist talks unusual items, the right fit, and summer staples.

Where’d you get that kimono?

A flea market in Soho in New York City. I gravitate toward clothing that looks like art.

What’s your go-to shop for those unusual items?

The Toggery, near 62nd and Keystone, is where I’ve bought the coolest pieces in my closet. I’ve found big designers there, like Tory Burch.

As the owner of Style Riot, a styling company, what fashion faux pas makes you cringe?

Clothing that doesn’t fit, whether it’s too big or too small. We need to love our bodies and accept them as they are. Wearing clothes that fit appropriately is the best way to feel great about yourself.

Summer-wardrobe staples?

A lightweight, flowy black tank dress, a great wedge, and a crisp, white button-down with or without sleeves.

Do you have one piece of advice you give to all of your clients?

Fashion is fun—don’t take it too seriously!