My Look: Andisiwe Ncube’s Silver Hair

When a new hair trend comes around, Andisiwe Ncube isn’t afraid to say “I do.” For a 21-year-old, nothing is hotter right now than going foxy gray. The part-time model explains.

How did you come by this look?  
I ordered this wig from

What’s with the grandma-gray trend?
You see a lot of white women with it. It’s in the same color scheme as bleached blonde. On a black woman, it really stands out. I just saw it on Instagram and thought it would look good with my skin tone.

What did your parents think?
They hated it. My dad didn’t know why I wanted to look like a grandmother.

What are your favorite items in your closet right now?
I just got these neon-yellow shoes, and they’re like a knockoff of the yellow Christian Louboutins with the plastic sides. I found them at Shoe Trends on Lafayette Road.

What are your wardrobe staples?
I love pencil skirts, peplum shirts, and boyfriend jeans.

Biggest fashion risk you’ve ever taken?
I’m going to dye my hair purple. I’m so excited.

You’re kind of a style daredevil.
You only live once.