Body Wise: The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall is coming for you—and he’s bringing his inner Britney Spears with him.

As Richard Simmons mysteriously shies away from the spotlight after 40-plus years as America’s favorite fitness guru, Caleb Marshall is stepping up to take his place. Known as The Fitness Marshall, the 23-year-old Marion native has been dancing up a storm across the country with cardio hip-hop classes in which he delivers a high-energy performance that both entertains and leaves you standing winded in a puddle of sweat. The classes sell out months in advance, but don’t worry if you can’t get a ticket—Marshall’s instructional YouTube videos, with millions of views and counting, are free.

IM: Why did you start The  Fitness Marshall videos?

CM: About five years ago, I started teaching a cardio hip-hop class at my college, and things just kind of blew up. I wanted to share what I was
doing with as many people as possible, so I started my YouTube channel two years ago.

What’s your most popular video?

“Worth It” [by Fifth Harmony], but another one, Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too,” went viral. Meghan actually re-tweeted it and followed all of my accounts and stuff. She really loved it.

Are your classes for all fitness levels?

Every class is for everybody; you don’t need dance experience, you don’t need to look a certain way, you don’t have to be a certain age, you just have to come and be willing to free your inner super-diva pop star.

Who influences you?

I see myself as a Richard Simmons and Britney Spears fusion.

What’s next?

I see myself performing at the Super Bowl. I want to perform at arenas all over the world and hold dance-fitness concerts. It’s like a concert—except you can follow along and everybody gets to be Beyoncé.


Visit thefitness for information on classes and upcoming events.


Class: $25

Class and meet-and-greet: $35