Heather Brown’s Private Enterprise

Heather Brown with her back facing, hand on her hip, looking rightPAMPERING your backside likely isn’t a priority. After all, when was the last time you exfoliated your rear? Exactly. But that’s the reason fanny facials are growing in popularity, and not just for, say, Vegas pool girls.

Folliculitis, swollen hair follicles that look like little bumps, is a common skin condition, especially on—you guessed it—the buttocks, because they’re a high-friction area. After all, we sit on them all day.

Even if you don’t have any particular derrière concerns, a fanny facial can still be worth a go. It’s as much of a soothing indulgence as any other spa treatment.

“Dead skin cells are sloughed off, extractions are done—which would be almost impossible on your own—and a rich, hydrating jelly mask is applied,” explains Heather Brown, owner of Heather Brown Face & Body Studio (heatherbrownstudio.com) in Fishers and on Mass Ave. “And clients say the massage is relaxing in a way one just has to experience,” she adds.

The one-hour Basic Booty, which runs $105, is frequently booked before boudoir photo shoots, Brown reports. “And this is a huge service pre-vacation, to be bikini ready.” You can opt to upgrade to The Badass at $139, which adds on stretch mark- and cellulite-focused treatments.

Brown also does a brisk business in treatments for another part of the body long ignored in the spa industry: the mons Venus, aka the front of the vagina. And those go well beyond waxing, instead improving “look and texture.”

Stay with us here.

All three options—Peach Fuzz, 24k Cookie, and Fur Vajacial—are focused on reducing hyperpigmentation, preventing ingrown hairs, and battling bacteria, but have slight differences depending on your individual … situation. The 30- to 45-minute indulgences range from $55 to $75.

Or, you may want to stick to just coddling those glorious glutes. Just making you aware of the options is all.