Find Your Happy Place With Beginner’s Meditation

women in a meditation studio
Urban Mediation guided meditation session.

HEADACHES. Foggy thinking. Tossing and turning. The symptoms of stress are familiar to most of us these days. If you’re looking to try a new solution, consider meditation. Yes, it can seem daunting to a newbie. But ignore the cliches, stop by one of these local studios—and prepare to leave refreshed and renewed.

Urban Meditation is out to give everyone, skeptics included, a glow of contentment. “There’s no way to meditate wrong,” assures chief operations officer Rachel Tookolo. “We’re about meditation made simple.” The center offers 30-minute audio-guided meditation sessions, complete with ambient music, every 45 minutes, all day. “We embrace beginners. All you have to do is let yourself be guided,” Tookolo adds. You’ll be lulled into relaxation on the hot lava-rock floor. Many devotees attend a class before work as they find it increases mental clarity. 8487 Union Chapel Rd., Ste. 780, 317-703-4577,

The Yoga Studio has welcomed novices since opening in 2007. What does yoga have to do with meditation? Actually, it’s hard to separate them. “The physical practice of yoga, along with breathing techniques, prepares and helps the mind and body to sit in meditation,” says owner Karen Fox. Stillness and silence are incorporated throughout all classes. “We do this to allow students to quiet their minds,” Fox adds. Any class is appropriate for first-timers. But if you want the least intense kickoff to your meditation-yoga journey, try Slow Flow. 6245 N. College Ave., 736 Hanover Pl., Carmel, 317-255-9642,