A Fresh Start For KBD Home

A woman wearing all black sits on a designer couch.
A new location for KBD Home whets the appetite for an ecofriendly and organic lifestyle.

Tony Valainis

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KBD Home
1001 E. 86th St.,

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Classes on gardening and composting throughout the summer in the shop’s outdoor space.[/sidenote]

The first thing shoppers will notice at the new KBD Home, relocated from its under-the-radar spot nearby, is the pond of fish swimming to and fro, now surrounded by live plants and large pieces of amethyst plucked from the store. The water feature is original to the midcentury-modern building, but it naturally sets the tone for owner Kristen Okeley’s vision for the space that houses her collection of businesses and services, including the aforementioned KBD Home retail and interior design, Kitchens by Design, custom drapery, and a spiritual boutique, The Playful Soul. Each element takes up its own space within the building, one organically flowing into the next. It starts with a glamorous and European-inspired fully functioning kitchen at the front, surrounded by crystals, cookbooks, antiques, vases, and candles. In the more commercial-style kitchen in the back of the building, Okeley might be found mixing intuitively blended essential oils or preparing lunch for whomever is nearby. “We want to infuse our clients’ homes with a conscious-living vibe by incorporating things like stones, Zen spaces, and biophilic design,” she says, “because what you surround yourself with in your home—especially the kitchen—is profound.”