How Ikea Fishers Will Differ From Every Ikea You’ve Visited

Exactly six weeks from opening day, room settings have a new look.
Ikea Fishers patio

So much for open concept. The Ikea Fishers store actually has walls around its room settings. At a time when home renovators want to tear down everything in sight, Ikea is going in the opposite direction, at least in the area shoppers will see first.
In the furniture gallery, which starts just inside the entrance, you’ll walk past five room settings to make your way into the retail wönderland. In most stores, these room settings aren’t divided by walls. They are in Fishers (and a few other brand-new stores around the country, but not Cincinnati or Chicago, the Ikeas most of us have frequented). Windows and doors let you peek or step inside. These “first five,” as staffers call them, feel like a home setup, a relatively new concept for Ikea.
Outside one kitchen room is a small wooden patio, displaying seasonal outdoor furniture (for now). A patio setting is also something you probably haven’t seen at an Ikea before.
Another change is a shake-up from completely white walls. The showroom, which is about 60 percent finished and on track for the October 11 grand opening, contains vignettes with exposed brick, brightly painted wood paneling, tile, and wallpaper, adding more variety to the inspirational setups.

Ikea Fishers
Ikea Fishers

Ikea tries to tweak each store to reflect the lifestyle at its location. But only to a point. We don’t expect to see Clustertruck and a Sun King on a coffee table in front of a TV, which is where most Hoosiers eat dinner, right?
Here are some photos of the store as it takes shape this week. Pöang chairs for everyone!