Photos: Indy's Winter-Weather Snow Hijinks

Snow monsters and -men and -bears, oh my!

Editor’s Note: Send us your winter-wonderland photos—via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail—and we’ll add them to our reader photo gallery through Friday, Jan. 10. Stay safe and warm out there.

Winter weather means fun outdoors for many—at least until subzero temperatures set in Sunday night. Check out this video by local Jordan Alderman revealing what happens when boiling water is tossed out into freezing air:

The snowfall allows for some to flex their creative powers. Take this pair of snow bears carved out by Amory Abbott and Lindsey Davidson-Abbott:

Says downtown resident Mayowa Tomoroi, “I met some kind strangers while walking in the snow yesterday. They invited me in and seduced me with mimosas, meringues, and Beyoncé.” Oh, and a hookah machine for vaporizing some flavored smokes:

Wrote Indy resident and Instagram user @lilmizscareall about her Jan. 5 video: “First half of video was about 6 hours ago, second half is now … My bushes broke! #snowpocalypse2014#bringiton

Jim Borthwick of Noblesville and his family went about building snowmen versions of Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning:

Says Borthwick, “Notice the close attention to detail, the cerebral forehead of Peyton and Andrew’s glorious neckbeard.”

Pictured (L-R): Sam Borthwick, Jim Borthwick, Larry Borthwick, and dog Toby

Luck and Manning have proven themselves to be monsters on fields nearly everywhere this NFL season, but a different kind of monster was perched by a DO NOT ENTER sign at the corner of 20th and Talbott streets downtown:

Is that tongue wagging above an homage to Miley Cyrus? We hope not. That’s so 2013.

Just a bit further down Talbott Street, a vegetable-laden snowman needed a bit of a lift so that he could give good face again. Note the cucumber-slice smile and Brussel-sprout eyes:

As noted above, do send us your best photos of snow-laden fun, as well as the more serene or perhaps even darker sides of winter-weather living this past weekend and week. We’ll add them to that reader photo gallery featured at the top of this post.

Snow bears photo courtesy Lindsey Davidson-Abbott; Luck and Manning snowmen photos courtesy Jim Borthwick.