Open Door With A Resurrected 1910 Church in Ransom Place

Chatham Home co-owner Hope Harsin and her husband, Joel, resurrected a 1910 church in Ransom Place, lovingly referred to as ”The Chouse.”

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Hope had an old circus advertisement enlarged into a photo for Joel’s birthday.


Hope wired the entire home herself—except these Gothic chandeliers, which hang from the 30-foot ceilings. She found them at


The Harsins bought this antique during the annual Treasure Hunt sponsored by Indiana Landmarks and the Old Northside. Aptly, it sits where the church’s choir room was located.


Hope’s grandma snagged the iron piece from Midland as a housewarming gift.

Stained Glass

“When we bought the home, the windows were in really bad shape,” Hope says. “Fifty to 60 percent [of the glass] was missing.” To the couple’s surprise, the company that made the originals, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, is still in business and provided the missing pieces.


The slumped-glass-and-teak piece was made by a group of artists in Bali.


This table centerpiece is fashioned from solid teak wood.


The couple mixed and matched vintage finds from Midland with chairs from among Joel’s family heirlooms.


One of Chatham Home’s bestsellers, it was the perfect dinner table for hosting Thanksgiving last year.

End Chairs

The Harsins found these Victorian beauties at Antiques & Interiors in High Point, North Carolina, during a buying trip for Hope’s housewares shop just off Mass Ave.