Irvington’s Coolest Side Street

A woman holding a plant in a shop
The Irving Theatre sign
The historic Irving Theater.

JAM: The Irving Theater opened in 1913 as a nickelodeon and has since had a few incarnations. Today, it’s one of the city’s few all-ages music venues. Prog rock not your thing? Try comedians, poetry readings, open-mic nights, and movie screenings. The Bob & Tom Show favorite Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols play November 24. 5505 E. Washington St., 317-356-3355,

SHOP: Plants are organized by their lighting needs (helpful!) at the Urban Houseplant Collective, and the store sells its own brand of pre-mixed soil (convenient!). Though it opened just this year, there is already an expansion—a “grab-and-grow” stand at The Amp. 5505 E. Washington St., 317-778- 7270,

Two guys play a card game
“Game hard” is the catchphrase at LVL UP.

PLAY: With all the options at LVL UP Gaming Lounge, you may spend as much time picking out a game as playing it. This all-ages social club has video games, family favorites, Pokémon gatherings, refresher guides for the Dungeons & Dragons resurgence. Nurse a pineapple cider or an ale from one of Indiana’s finest breweries, Metazoa and Taxman included. 7 Johnson Ave., 317-527-1825,

EAT: Gravy whisperer Cynthia Joyner serves more than 20 combinations of biscuits, fillings, and toppings at Boujie Biscuit. A “biscuit box” holds a scratchmade buttermilk square smothered in a heavenly sauce, many inspired by the places abroad where Joyner has lived. 10 Johnson Ave., 317-964-0533,

Shelves of vinyl
Thumb through the stacks at Irvington Vinyl and Books and admire the art throughout the shop from local artists such as Nicholas “Mandog” Smith (above). 

BROWSE: Spend a lazy afternoon browsing through endless stacks of records, books, and miscellanea at Irvington Vinyl and Books. You’ll definitely find readable gems—as well as earrings made from old vinyl records and cassette tapes. Plus Violet, the shop cat. 9 Johnson Ave., 317-296-4258,