Remedy Is Taking The Concept Of “Retail Therapy” Literally

Photo by Tony Valainis

In boomy downtown Westfield, Remedy takes retail therapy literally by aiming to deliver good vibes in a number of ways. One, by supporting a local business—the gift store occupies a bungalow behind its sister plant shop, Root 31, connected by adjoining backyard gardens that customers can promenade through to shop-hop. Two, with workshops intended to make customers love themselves for learning something new. And three, through a selection of feel-good gifts that owner Angela Gapinski calls her personal faves. The inventory supports small-business makers of specimen-collecting kits, matching herbarium journals, decorative rocks, and large crystal points. Indy-based Color Story Studio, which has been styling the cutest independent boutiques around town, created a pegboard shelf display and a geometric-patterned accent wall, the perfect backdrop for snapping a selfie in your new drop earrings while smelling the bouquet you made at Root 31. Here’s hoping Westfield keeps growing in this stylish direction.