25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Fine Chocolates in Keepsake Tin

Day 15: The treat of choice for Park Avenue princesses

When a tin of chocolates looks at gorgeous as the chi-chi Louis Sherry line, it doesn’t really matter what the confections taste like (although has premium chocolate ever disappointed you?). The lacquer-style, gold-trimmed metal boxes in glam colors—such as lavender, robin’s-egg blue, cheery pink, and holiday fuchsia and emerald—are collectible keepers. Started in 1881, during New York’s gilded age, Louis Sherry is such a fixture in the city that its one-time signature store on Madison Avenue is now occupied by Hermes. And the city’s iconic Sherry-Netherland hotel? Same Sherry. Lavender is the color the brand first made, all those decades ago, and vintage decorative versions produced through the years are snapped up on Ebay. So if you gift this tin to someone, it might be the first of many. $7 for two pieces, $40 for 12 pieces; six pieces and 24 pieces also available. Surroundings, 1101 E. 54th St., 317-254-8883