50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Wallet

Day 20: Pocket a piece of Indy history

People for Urban Progress keeps churning out fresh, fantastic designs from the acres and acres of RCA Dome roof fabric it salvaged years ago. (We really love the stitching on this Wanderer messenger bag.) But the Chief Bifold Dome Wallet is the standby because billfolds take more of a beating than totes and clutches, making best use of the nearly indestructible roof material. Bonus: PUP’s video, below, showing how the wallets are made, from start to finish. $40. For the largest variety of designs, shop PUP’s Etsy store or its workroom, 1043 Virginia Ave., Studio 213, peopleup.org. Also sold at Silver in the City, Artifacts, Vardagen, IndySwank, and Marigold.

Dome Wallet – Start To Finish from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.

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