Coming Soon: Hayes & Taylor Store

Two leaders of the Indiana-pride trend team up for their first boutique.
True story: Once, I was so desperate to buy a Hayes & Taylor T-shirt—the one with IU’s “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo” rallying cry—that the owner delivered it to my house late at night. Showed up on my porch, crimson tee in hand, rescuing me on the eve of a friend’s birthday. That kind of service might explain why the trendsetting company can now afford to open a brick-and-mortar. Hayes & Taylor and another local line, The Brick Shirt House (which screen-prints its own beer-centric tees as well as Hayes & Taylor’s sports collections), will launch a combined storefront in Broad Ripple this spring, sharing a block with Niche boutique and Brothers bar. They are eyeing a pre-500 launch in May. The printing process will be out in the open, so shoppers can watch that retro Market Square Arena shirt come into being before their eyes. In the meantime, the collaborators, who are fixtures in our Indiana-pride-tee hall of fame, are selling this limited-edition, not-so-subtle Indiana-beer tee to raise money for “the finest hipster furnishings, such as things made from pallets, black metal pipe, and re-re-claimed wood.” H&T’s Brian Kelly came up with a good word for it—brotique.